Online video has proven to be an effective tool for real estate agents. If pictures can show off an available home better than text alone, then imagine how powerful video can be to the prospective buyer. It gives them the feeling of actually touring the property–outside of them visiting the house in person, there’s no better way for them to truly experience it.

Videos are social by nature. Just as you learned in kindergarten, it’s important to share – and now it’s fun! And every marketer knows social media is all about sharing, whether it’s on twitter, facebook, pinterest etc.  Videos stand out. At one time, virtual tours gave agents an advantage over those who offered photography alone. A full motion, narrated, video tour lets agents show clients that they are using the latest technology to market their property to get maximum exposure. It’s all about enhancing your marketing strategy, to set yourself apart from the competition.


A perfect  example  of a good real estate video  is from one of our clients here at Intagent, Tanya Osman. She has projected a simple yet  a very informative video that shows the details of her listings such as the number of  bedrooms, bathrooms and  the square meters.

By using this strategy, you will be able to quickly build trust and rapport, because you will make your marketing a lot more personal. This works far better than being the man behind the curtain. Yet, so many times people can go about producing their video content in the wrong way. A lot of us don’t like to be in front of the camera, so when that little light turns on we tend to freeze. I think one of the main reasons that this can occur with real estate video marketing is that we are trying to be too perfect and professional. Instead, your goal should be to establish a bond with your audience and just show them that you’re real. Pretend as if you are speaking to one of your best friends when you turn on that camera. The more relaxed and confident you are, the easier your viewers will be able to relate to you.


Real Estate Video Marketing Facts

  • 52% of all web traffic is video (according to industry watchdog eMarketer)
  • 38% of Google Universal Search results included video (Comscore)
  • More than 70% of all web visitors watch online video (NY Times)
  • The average YouTube visitor spends 27 minutes per day watching video
  • Because video is so popular, video links and clips often show up before other content
  • Search engines visit video sites every few minutes, so your  videos will appear in Google after you submit, not days or weeks as is the case using conventional SEO/SEM tactics.

Here at Intagent, want to make things better and easier for our clients because we know how tough this industry can be and we have seen the struggle that comes with it.  We are here to help them market themselves and create a presence, from creating more attractive templates to adding videos to your homepage. As part of wanting to serve our clients better we have assigned them their own personal support consultant, making sure that they get all the help that they need.

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