In today’s market both real estate and construction are a very lucrative business.

The two seem to go together hand in hand these days because everywhere you look there is either something being built or something being torn down. This fact holds true for both domestic homes and commercial properties.

The housing market is booming off the charts, for the first time in a while it appears to be a win/win for the real estate industry. It’s a rare occasion when it looks like it is both a buyer and a seller’s market. Usually, it’s just one or the other.

People today are popping in and out of real estate websites like never before. Access to the Internet has given buyers and sellers alike, a lot of information on what is on the market before contacting the real estate agent. And with the opportunity to have an in-depth look at what the inside of the property looks like prior to actually seeing it is an added bonus to both the agent and the buyer. With that side it’s almost a disadvantage to the real estate website to list a property with no pictures of the house’s interiors. Some potential buyers will immediately lose interest in the property because they cannot view the inside.

If you are a homeowner looking to build a brand new home, then you begin looking at construction sites as opposed to real estate websites. Construction websites have an increase in popularity as well. There are many folks who prefer to build new construction this is how they have the opportunity to customize their finishes and possibly implement any add-ons that they desire.

New construction is popular with both the young and older population. The young people are beginning to climb the corporate ladder and with a couple’s salaries combined, they are able to get approval from the bank on a fairly decent amount of money for a loan. The range in this category can be anywhere on average of $250,000.00 to $750,000.00. The middle aged to older population have already arrived at the peak of their salary and or they are transitioning into retirement age and are able to purchase homes anywhere from $800,000.00 to over $1,000,000.00 easily. All the figures mentioned here can either build a new structure or buy something that is considered to be “turnkey” (which is a home that you can just move into without having to do any renovations) or the consumer can purchase what is called a fixer-upper for the same amount of cash. This author has seen it swing in all three directions.

There is a constant upward trend with young homeowners who are opting for a new house. Construction companies are reporting that a good number of them are requesting to build homes that are ranch-style, because when they are older they do not want to have to sell their homes and move because they can no longer climb the stairs. But if they are buying a property because they cannot afford to build a new home, they are looking for properties that are listed as “single-level-living,” which indicates that the master’s bedroom is on the 1st floor of the home and will still alleviate stair-climbing in case of an injury or inability to do so when they become older.

Typically this is a smart move because it is an immediate cost savings right at the onset of the purchase or construction. Knowing that you will not face the struggle of climbing stairs because everything that the home owner needs in one floor just makes it easier the whole way around. You are in the mindset that, “This is it” I don’t ever have to leave my home.

Real estate is steadily on the incline with the buying and selling of homes and commercial sites, therefore, websites that are in relation to this market will also see a steady increase in popularity as well as a rewarding bottom line in their profits.

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