As a realtor, one of your main goals is to get more leads and convert them into buying clients. The good news is that there are a few realtor websites design tricks that you can do to achieve that.

There are several real estate web design tricks that you can apply on your platform to attract more leads to your realtor website. For instance, you can focus on user experience and getting a custom design. You can also pay attention to the shape, color, and copy on your CTA buttons and ensure that your text boxes and buttons are easy to use on mobile.

Let’s look at these tricks and others that top realtor websites apply to get more leads.


We live in an age where people use different gadgets to connect to the Internet. Some use their mobile phones, while others use smartphones, and so on. That’s why your real estate website design must be responsive. If your site is not mobile-friendly, there are chances that you’re losing potential leads. According to research, more than 72% of home buyers use mobile or tablet app or website in their home search. So you want to make sure that your team is responsive but also pay more attention to text boxes and buttons. The idea is to ensure that these buttons and boxes are large enough to allow for easy clicking. Other buttons that you should pay special attention to include:

  • Submit buttons
  • Personal information text boxes
  • Navigation buttons
  • Dropdown menus for property searches.

Focus on color, shape and copy on your CTA buttons

Many realtors don’t know this, but their call-to-action buttons can have a significant difference in the conversion rates. Colors can also determine whether someone will stay on the site or get distracted and move away. According to some studies, green, orange, and blue buttons seem to convert the highest. Also, buttons with the same color as the background convert well. Equally important is use buttons as opposed to just text links.

Focus on user experience

Although the real estate website is yours and advertises your business, it is essential to make it for your audience. Always put user-experience first. You can achieve this by ensuring that your audience finds information easily and quickly. Here are some easiest ways to make your website user-friendly:

  • Get your pages to load fast
  • Use whitespace
  • Create simple navigation.

Choose the right design for your website

Today’s prospects have so many options to select from. So, in most cases, you’ll only have one chance to make the first impression. If you don’t have a killer design that captures the attention of the audience and keep them on your page, they might turn to competitors instead. To choose the right web design for your realtor website, you need to:

  • Establish a guide
  • Make your design reflective of your business
  • Create a custom design.


Your realtor website design can help you improve the user experience on your platform and keep your audience engaged. With these quick tricks, you should be able to run a successful realtor website that attracts leads and converts them into clients.

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