Social media can be effectively used to market your real estate company. The key to the ascendancy is to begin thinking like a customer.

The social media marketer needs to develop the habit of listening. Before you embark on a tweeting or commenting spree, research what people are talking about and the words they are using. This will help you in developing a strategy.

Rather than plainly telling your customers to ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ you, advise why they should. Providing customers with a reason to connect with you on social networks will make it incredibly easy. There is a difference between ‘Like our page on Facebook’ and ‘Get answers to your real estate queries on our Facebook page’.

You need to come across as authentic. Instead of writing impersonal posts about what you do, be human. Show them the other side of your business. Tell them if you are sponsoring a Little League team in your town. It will be helpful to develop the art of telling serious things in light-hearted manner. Your posts should reflect the company’s personality and help the people engage.

Many marketers wonder why no one is answering their posts on Facebook. It is simply because you did not ask any question. Social media is about having a conversation, not about self-promotion.

If you post ‘Walk in our office to find what is new on the market’, people are least likely to respond. However, if you pose a simple question ‘Which ceiling do you prefer?’ you can be pretty sure of getting replies and subsequently get attention.

You need to learn ways to surprise and delight customers on a regular basis. Contests and raffles will encourage the community to join the conversation. You must also use pictures and videos to tell stories. If you lack a big budget, you can use your smartphone to create some interesting pictures and videos.

The realtor has to integrate the social media pages with their real estate website to derive advantage. When done in right manner, the strategy is a sure shot way to get the desired outcome.

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