1.) Leave the stench

Don’t clean the litter box. you cleaned it yesterday, right? It doesn’t smell that bad.
Here’s a tip:  Give your house the “sniff test.” Nothing is more off-putting to a prospective buyer than a house that smells stale … or worse. Often, you become so inured to the smell of your own home that you don’t notice scents that might offend visitors. Empty the garbage, load dirty clothes into the washing machine, run a lemon rind through the disposal, give wood furniture a quick polish, and for goodness sake, clean the litter box.  Want a tip? Bake something right before your open house, it’ll keep people wishing this was their home!

2.) Indulge yourself with your creativity

Indulge your creative side with vividly painted walls and furniture. Paint an accent wall a bright color. I’m sure it will look great and its fun to do!
Here’s a tip: Maybe just tone it down. Make your house a place that anyone could imagine living in. This means removing most evidence of your personal taste.  Store your collections in a safe place for the duration of the selling process. Remember, you want prospective buyers to look at the space, not get distracted by your stuffed animal collection.

3.) Just leave things where they were.

Stash your dirty magazines and movies in your oven or drawers! No one will ever look there
Here’s a tip: Get rid of everything you wouldn’t want your mother to see. Prospective buyers will open the oven, investigate drawers for function and capacity, and study your closets and medicine cabinet. Part of preparing your house to sell is a ruthless purging of all these places and a thoughtful review of potentially embarrassing items.

4.) Don’t bother cleaning the lawn

You don’t have to clean the yard, after all it’s just the house you are selling.
Here’s a tip: See your yard as an extension of the house. Trim unruly bushes, pull weeds, spread fresh and keep it mowed. Your yard sets expectations of the buyers , its the first thing they see when they step in

5.) Distracting Doggie

Leave your dog in his crate while people look at your house. He won’t bother anyone.
Here’s a tip:  He may not be so well-behaved when you’re not there. A barking dog is extremely distracting when prospects are trying to get a detailed look at your house. Take him with you if you can, or drop him off at a pet-friendly neighbor’s house and repay her with house-sitting or a similar fave

6.) Pile of dirty dishes

Don’t worry about the dishes in the sink. People will  understand you were in a rush to get out the door that morning.
Here’s a tip: They’ll think you’re a slob who couldn’t be bothered     to put the dishes in the dishwasher — and probably hasn’t taken     very good care of the house. If it means you have to take your family out to breakfast, make sure to leave your kitchen pristine.

7.) Leave  as is

Let the buyers fix the hole in the wall and the broken light fixture. Who knows? They may want to choose their own!
Here’s a tip: Be prepared to lose a sale over the poor condition of your house. Everything in your home must be in good working order before you put it on the market. This process can take a couple of months, but you need to fix all broken fixtures, change all burned-out light bulbs, repair any flaws in the walls and refresh any paint that needs it.

8.) This is me

Leave out your pictures, magazines, books and knickknacks. You want prospective buyers to feel as if they know you, right?

Here’s a tip: You want buyers to immediately begin imagining themselves living in your house, and they’ll have a hard time seeing beyond the pictures of your family at Beaver Creek and the old issues of Garden & Gun. So clear every surface, every side table, every coffee table, the sideboard, the desk and the dining room table.

9.) Pack it in

Leave your furniture arranged just as you like it. That way people can see how many lovely pieces you own!
Here’s a tip: Remove extra furniture that clutters the space — side tables, footstools and magazine racks — and takes up more space than a fixed chair. Create simple arrangements with maximum impact. place a sofa facing the fireplace, and flank it with two chairs and coffee table in between. This will create visual depth and an inviting vignette.

10.) Team Loyalties

Make sure buyers know which team you cheer for. And don’t forget to fly that Red Sox flag!
Here’s a tip: Put your fan-of-the-year behavior on hold for a while, and stash your team merchandise in the attic. What if your best prospect is a Yankees fan? You don’t want to lose a buyer over a foam finger. The same goes for religious paraphernalia, although that may actually be less of a deal breaker.




The key to absorb these tips is good common sense. To sum it all up, you have to clean out your home  and know how to show  it to prospective buyers.  If you want to market your own house without an agent and decide to go FSBO,  look for a Real estate website design company that can give you the web tools needed to create powerful presence on the internet. This can  assure your best chances of selling your house for the best price, in the shortest period of time.

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