Running a real estate website or agency can often be considered risky. Like with any business, you have to put in money in order to make more. Effective marketing efforts can cost a lot of money. And while it sounds easy to just create advertisements that air on TV, the radio, and the internet to help generate new clients, it’s uncertain if you were to make back that money you would spend to advertise your company in the first place. And even if you were to advertise regularly, there is no guarantee that you would be giving yourself more momentum over your competition.

Fortunately, there are some clever tricks you can use to market that don’t require large amounts of spending, if any spending at all. Here are three ideas to consider to help market your realtor web site on a budget:

  1. Make Communicating Easy for Customers

In order to ensure customers are happy to join you, you can make it easy for people to reach you without having to visit your location. This actually gives you an advantage over larger companies that may hire call centers and secretaries in order to address large call and email volumes. The customer service from these companies can be unbearable to callers. Even if they do their best to serve them, they’ll always want something easier and faster. Simply have your email address or phone number where website visitors can see it. Or stand by your social media accounts or chat box so you are able to answer any questions as soon as you can. Doing all this is an easy way to give people the idea that you are honest and approachable, and with that, they can trust you.

  1. Manage A Blog

If you run a website, you should also have a platform to show your knowledge on real estate and relevant topics. With a blog, you can keep a collection of written posts that can help explain a bunch of different topics to visitors that are looking for the right information. Blog posts can include what certain neighborhoods are like, tips for first time home buyers, news and updates in the real estate industry, and much more. The need for help can lead many visitors to your website, where they can get the information they need. You should also make it convenient for clients to work with you whether they are buying or selling a real estate property.

  1. Manage A Newsletter

Email marketing is another way in which you can find leads. But opposed to running a blog, you will be writing content in order to find possible leads instead of having leads come to you. Obtaining email addresses of candidates can be done by having people sign up for a newsletter on your website, look through a local directory, or by other legal means. As for the newsletters themselves, they can contain content that buyers and sellers will constantly be looking for, such as new property listings, an open house schedule, and other planned events you have in store. As long as all your leads are local, you shouldn’t have any problems with creating a newsletter. If some of your leads come from far away, you may want to consider creating a second newsletter that caters to this extra group of people.


If you run a real estate company and/or website, getting your name out there can be hard if you don’t spend money on marketing. But there are some opportunities to tap into without having to spend much on marketing locally, and many of them are rather simple.

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