When designing your realtor website, it is essential to factor in the things that your prospects are looking for. This not only allows you to meet their expectations but that of search engines too.

As a real estate agent who is looking to stand out in the competitive market, it is essential to understand what your clients want and expect from your website. Knowing your clients is critical for business endeavors. Successful real estate agents understand what their clients want and have devised the most effective way of making their websites customer-centered. When you know what your clients want, you can work on customizing experience to build loyalty and repeat business. Besides, a happy client can be a great marketing source –because they will spread the word about you to everyone that cares to listen.

With that in mind, here are the top things that homebuyers need from your realtor website:

Eye-catching platform

In the day and age where clients are bombarded with numerous options (without them having to lift a finger), the importance of having an appealing website can never be overemphasized. No one wants to waste time in an eye-sore site. So you should invest in getting incredible designs that are easy to the eye. This way, a homebuyer can be more willing to look around to see what’s on the table.

Easy navigation

On top of appealing designs, it is also essential to have a realtor website that’s easy to move around. This way, your clients can hop from one property to the next without any struggles. On top of that, they can navigate to a page of choice without encountering stumbling blocks along the way.

Adequate support

The last thing that clients want is to use a platform that doesn’t have any form of customer support. This is especially true when they are pressed with a question or are having a hard time finding something. Knowing this, you want to integrate adequate support to help address any of their concerns.

High-resolution images and videos

Your real estate website needs to be as visual as it can get. After all, people are only attracted to what they see. A homebuyer’s interest may rise or drop depending on what they see. That’s why you want to post high-res images that give clients a sense of what they are getting. It is also a good idea to include a couple of pictures of the neighborhood. As well as a front and rear-view of the house, rooms, and so on.

Property description

In addition to high-res images, it is also wise to include a brief description of the property. This allows your prospects to gain more insights around the property in question. In the descriptions, you should write about the neighborhood, nearby schools, number of rooms, nearby amenities, among other crucial things.

Informative blogs

Not all homebuyers are experienced in buying homes. That’s why you want to include a blog that provides tips, guides, how-tos, and other critical information that will help them make an informed buying decision.


Being a seasoned realtor starts with building strong and positive relationships. Prospects depend on you to provide them with sound advice, honesty, and realistic options.

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