What’s keeping you awake at night? Are you putting in a lot of work and not getting much in return in as a real estate agent? Are you looking into creating appealing realtor websites but don’t know where to start in this seemingly competitive market?

It’s normal to start wondering whether or not you should be in the real estate business if you don’t seem to have a breakthrough. But before you think about giving up, here are some facts you should consider to determine if the work you are putting in is going to give you the kind of results you are hoping for.

Realtor website

The first and perhaps the most essential thing you should have as a realtor is a website. Realtor websites act as shops. They are the point of contact between clients and realtors. So, having one is not an option but a necessity. This is especially true since in this day and age, everyone is going online not just for information but also to purchase or sell stuff. If you don’t have a realtor website, you’re definitely missing out.

Take advantage of the internet and technology

As stated earlier, we live in a tech-dependent world. So, even if you are an old-timer in the industry, you still need to step up to the demands of today’s generation to stay relevant in the real estate market. You need the internet to market your business. Although you may still benefit from referrals, you’ll need social networking and a good website to have an advantage over other sellers and to reach all potential buyers.

The power of follow up

It’s one thing to reach out to leads, and another to be consistent with your efforts. According to some successful realtors, it may take up to 12 follow up calls or emails to convert a single lead. If you give up after following up once or twice without a response, it could be the reason for not succeeding in your career.

Work with other agents

Two heads are usually better than one, particularly when you are just getting started and aren’t very knowledgeable about the industry. Look at it this way: you may have a client whose price point is not in your wheelhouse or who needs help, but you cannot assist them. Instead of turning them away, you can co-represent or co-list them with your peers and earn a percentage. 30% of something is better than nothing. And you can expect other agents to come to you in case they have a similar issue. So, it’s a win-win set-up.

Host lots of open houses

If you do not have a business, then you may not want to miss out on open houses. The good thing about open houses is that you don’t have to use money hosting them. And they are an excellent opportunity to reel in leads and also familiarize yourself with the locale.

Take advantage of reporters

Reporters are always on the lookout for information. Hand them insights. If you know what’s trending, be the one to tell them that. This will always give you an edge over your peers who are just getting started.

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