Your real estate website may require an update. In a fast paced industry like web design, you need to be at the top of trends to ensure your website makes the desired impact.

2015 has seen preference minimalist, clutter-free and content-focused designs. These websites are clean, showcasing only the essential elements and leaving it to the users to dig out the information they want. The visitors today know how to find the required information on a website so you need not hold their hand. Color schemes for flat design websites are relatively simplistic, with crisp font styles.

Search bars are the basic features on the real estate websites. Users want to fill in what they want and click the search button to find the listing that matches the criteria. It is as simple as that. Search powered through MLS Integration can be the difference to success. Visitors must be enabled to begin searching for properties immediately once they arrive at the website. It would minimize confusion and increase the time they would spend on the site.

Responsive design, a trend in 2014, has continued into 2015. Many real estate brokers are focusing on creating unique experiences for mobile users. More people are expected to use the mobile devices to find suitable properties. This has made it imperative for real estate agents and brokers to get mobile-friendly websites. Responsive mobile-friendly designs will ensure better user experience.

Video and images are slowly overtaking the text. Online users have short attention spans and videos/images are better in making the first impression compared to text. To succeed, you need to use the text to support the message of videos and images, and not the other way round.

3D virtual tours of properties are a ground-breaking technology when it comes to real estate web design. Create an immersive online experience covering the entire interiors. This innovative technology will help you impress the buyers and get those leads that may have otherwise moved to your competitor.

Real estate professionals now have increased focus on local targeting. This helps them get more traction and better results in their campaigns.

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