Web sites for realtors need to look professional and welcoming for prospective customers to do business with you.

Here we present some tips on how to make web sites for realtors more user-friendly and how to promote it once the design and implementation part is over.

Why Use Colors?

Colors are an important factor for people to decide if something is interesting or not. Most people have their own preference for color and color combinations. If something is in our favorite color, we will likely be interested it.

Research has shown that most people have the same psyche on colors. Soft colors like pink and yellow are friendly and inviting which is why some bakeries use that color scheme. Solid colors like brown and blue seem to give people a feeling of confidence and show stability which is why it is used in most law offices and real estate firms.

How to Use Fonts?

Fonts are a subtle representation of the business you are presenting to your clients. They help show the separate parts of the web content. Fonts change from headers, to the body of the website, to the notes on the websites. The font style and font size help when doing this. They are part of the identity of your brand. You need to look into the demographic you are targeting and choose the font according to this.

Where to Place the Logo?

A logo symbolizes your brand. If you have an interesting logo on your website people are likely to visit it even just for curiosity’s sake. The logo should be at the header and visible. It should be unique. Otherwise, it will look uninteresting and the people visiting the website will assume the whole website is a rip-off.

Now that you knew about three important things while designing your website, here are some tips on how to promote your new website.

Experts and Influencers

You need to create a buzz in the media about the new website. Have people in your office try and review the website and give feedback. You may also have experts and influencers in the industry to test the newly designed website and give their opinion besides promoting it.

Use Online Channels

Use online channels and social media sites to promote your website and link your website to all of them. Create a social media post for your website and promote it from there. You can also create a landing page for the website that redirects clients to the intended section of your website.

Optimize the Website for Mobile

Mobile gadgets are more used than desktop in today’s internet-obsessed world. Optimizing your site for mobile technology ensures more visitors for your online business.

Request for Referrals

Ask your family and friends to share your website and to try and get people interested in it. Since you might already have some customers doing business with you, you can ask them to share the website with others who may want to be part of the community your website is trying to build.

Be Informative to Buyers and Sellers

Provide useful information through articles or blog posts or email newsletters. The more specific and helpful your information is, the more of a trusted expert you will be seen as. Create specific articles about selling certain properties, like “how to get the most value when selling your condo”. Also, for buyers, creating buyers’ checklists and resources to get started are great ways to provide information to become a trusted professional.

Real estate websites with IDX are tricky to navigate and do right; it helps to find a great design and development partner to help you.

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