As a real estate agent who is looking to stand out in the ‘seemingly’ overcrowded market, having the best realtor websites design is not an option, but a necessity. Your website design is your first impression to your prospects. You can’t afford to risk having a bad image.

People search the internet for solutions. Gone are the days when people depended on phonebooks. If someone wants to find information, they are likely to turn to the internet to find it. When they look for something you provide, or that’s specific to your business, it is in your best interest if they can find your website.

However, your site won’t just show up in search engines because you offer those solutions. Remember, other businesses that provide similar solutions to you are also competing for the attention. To stand out among your peers, you will need to integrate quality SEO solution as well as ensure you have the best realtor websites design.

So, this leads us to the question, what are the qualities of a great website design?

Should be responsive

Today, people use different devices to access the internet. Some use their mobile phones or tablets. Others use their laptops or PC. So, it’s important to ensure that your site is designed to work well on all these gadgets and fit in the screens perfectly. If a website isn’t responsive, you will likely miss out on lots of prospects, because they will hop on to the next possible option.

Ease of navigation

Another critical aspect is that your site should be easy to navigate.  Site visitors should be able to find whatever it is they are looking for without any hassle. They should also have an easy time moving from one page to the next. If someone can’t find a listing or if they can’t navigate with ease, they will likely bounce off to your competitors.

Loading speed

When users click to go to your site, they want it to load fast enough. Research shows that the attention span of human beings is at a record low. In this digital age, an average person can only wait eight seconds, after which their attention shifts to something else. So, if you want to capture the attention of your potential real estate clients, it’s in your interest to ensure that your site loads within three seconds. If it takes longer than that, you may want to talk to your designer, so they can help eliminate things that makes it load slowly.

Overall appeal

Responsiveness, ease of navigation, and loading speed are critical. However, if your real estate website has all these attributes, but is not appealing to the eye, it might not be as effective as you would expect it to be. Human beings are visual creatures, so you want to engage them with captivating themes, backgrounds, or even pictures.

Quality information

It is one thing to attract clients to your site and another to keep them hooked. If a homebuyer is lured in to your website but cannot find any listing or information on how they can make the most out of their buying experience, they are likely to bounce off and never return. So, ideally, you’ll want to ensure that your listings are up-to-date and that you are providing substantial information to educate your prospects.

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