Qualities of a Good Realtor Website

Websites are not just about aesthetics. More goes into the process to ensure it stands out from the internet noise. A good realtor website is responsive, is SEO friendly, lists display features, and highlights property details.

As a realtor who is keen on closing deals, it’s essential that you have a professionally done website because it serves as your front office. Impression matters in the real estate business, and when you present your solutions in the best way possible, then you are sure to close lots of deals.

With that said, how do you know if a website is of good quality? We tell you that in this article.

SEO friendly features

Good realtor websites are SEO friendly. What this means is that it should be able to appear on the top pages of search engines so that clients can find it. It is futile to have an incredible website that cannot be discovered by clients. You’ll want your site to come on top when clients search for relevant keywords. A professional realtor web designer works with you to understand your specific niche, and then customizes your website in a way that suits you and also uses the search engine optimization features to help you rank on top.

Property details

The details of property are its selling point. You want a website that allows you to highlight all these features in a way that clients can easily see and read. A professional real estate designer will create a perfect spot where you can display all the essential details including school information, the surrounding, map, and virtual tours. They also integrate social media sharing buttons that will allow you to share your listings with prospects online.

Responsive websites

People browse from all sorts of devices, including mobile phones, tablets, desktops, laptops, and iPads. This makes you want your website to be accessed from whatever device your client is using so they can comfortably browse through web content. Professional designers will help you come up with responsive sites to ensure it looks great on every gadget.

Lead management

Imagine the convenience of being able to keep tabs with all your leads from a single place. Everything becomes easy to handle because you don’t need to be here and there every time. A realtor website designer will leverage their expertise and knowledge so that you can use any device to manage your leads – this means peace of mind.

Excellent support

If you are like most realtors, then perhaps you aren’t as tech-savvy. Better yet, you might know a thing or two about technology but still find a glitch along the way. So, you want to work with a professional who is always available to offer support. It can be annoying trying to figure out something for hours, and not being able to, and your designer is nowhere to be found.

Powerful blog

According to research, websites who publish 16+ blogs in a month have a better ranking than those who don’t. Clients also tend to prefer platforms that offer informative information on their platforms. As such, you want your designer to include a powerful blog section to your site to help you achieve the best results.

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