Property Marketing with a 21st Century Spin

Have you ever worked with someone who does things the hard way because ‘that is how they have always done it’? Many times, change is difficult for people and they would rather complete tasks the ‘old way’ rather than become more efficient and utilize state of the art tools and resources that are now available to address various issues. As a real estate agent it is critical to the success of your business to understand and work comfortably with technology on a variety of levels.

There are those from the older generation that have become familiar with computers but the majority of home-buying and selling is accomplished by individuals who work with modern technology on a daily basis. They have smart phones, tablets, laptops and they use the Internet to shop for just about everything they need, which includes looking for a new home. If you don’t have your properties displayed on a website, you are missing out on a very large market.

As a real estate agent you are expected to be an expert in the property industry but not necessarily in technology, software and programming. This is why you should be working with the best team of developers who build websites specially designed for your field. These professionals understand all the tools and resources you need to keep your client list organized, mark appointments, send reminders and update listings while you are on the go. They also know that you’ll want the ‘front end’ of the website to be user friendly, high-performing and extremely captivating so that customers choose you above others in the competition.

You have a say in the design process and you can work closely with the team to ensure that every expectation is met and that you only pay for what you need while leaving room for the website to grow as your business does. The look of technology, home designs and real estate agent websites have evolved in the 21st century so in order for you to keep up with the changes and efficiencies, you need to have a solid team of experienced developers behind you. This team provides support in terms of design and development so you can focus on your clients and make their home buying/selling dreams come true.

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