Global industries are shifting to digital platforms at a fast rate. The real estate industry has followed suit. Most property shoppers visit real estate agent websites to start their home search. In the past, these shoppers had to depend on newspaper articles, magazines, or the words of a real estate agent to get access to the best properties in their price bracket.

Digitization has given users a lot more bargaining power.

With a quick Google search, property shoppers can explore all the property listings in their vicinity. They don’t need to please real estate agent. The agents need to please them by offering a good buying experience. Substandard experiences with real estate agents have repercussions.

Property shoppers can easily leave a negative review on a listing website. Or, they can criticize the real estate agency on social media platforms. These online reviews have become a new form of commission for real estate agents. The better reviews their websites receive, the better their chances are of securing more sales.

Importance of Good Reviews on Real Estate Websites

  • Positive reviews from ex-clients make real estate agent websites trustworthy. Property shoppers who read these positive reviews are more likely to contact the agent. One negative review can drive away scores of potential customers.
  • Positive reviews also improve website traffic. A well-reviewed real estate agent website is more likely to be shared on social media platforms. Plus, previous clients may recommend other customers to visit the trustworthy real estate agent website for property-related advice.
  • Positive ratings, reviews, and testimonials prove that the agency is the best when it comes to providing flawless customer experiences. Apart from real estate services, hassle-free customer experience is a key quality that property shoppers look for.

Reviews, be it bad or good, are a form of customer engagement. Online engagement is a key tool for real estate agents, aiming to increase their sales. Top web developers create high-quality real estate agent websites that guarantee an inflow of positive comments.

Here’s how they do it –

  • Seamless Web Design and Navigability – Even if a property shopper doesn’t engage in business with a real estate agent after visiting the agency’s website, decent browsing experience is the least they expect. If a website loads quickly and doesn’t contain any broken links, potential shoppers are more likely to leave a comment asking for an estimate.
  • Mobile Responsiveness – Most modern-day property shoppers begin their property hunt on their cell phones. So, real estate agent websites that don’t load on cell phones are bound to receive poor or no customer engagement.
  • Social Media Assistance – An essential aspect of digital marketing for real estate agencies is a social media presence. It’s highly likely that an agency’s next client uses one or more social media platforms. Why not reach out to these clients on platforms where they’re the most comfortable?
  • Building Relationships – Deleting negative comments only hides the problems in a real estate agency. Instead, real estate website development experts prefer to respond to poor comments with valuable information so that they can build fruitful relationships with the clients.

Real estate web development experts also generate high-quality content and engage in targeted email marketing programs to get in the good books of potential clients. As long as real estate agents can provide high-quality offline shopping experiences for their clients, they can expect a constant flow of positive user comments on their websites!

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