Designing your real estate website in the right manner will help you generate leads. Read this article to know the tips for designing your real estate website.

If you are running a real estate website and you are getting enough traffic but there are no conversions. It is high time you start thinking of what might be wrong. In online marketing, it can become challenging to convert the website visitors to become your real customers. If you own a real estate website or you need help to design websites for real estate agents, this is a must-read for you. The skills contained in this article will move your business to the next level. These skills will help increase conversion rate optimization.

Use the Heat Maps

When designing your website, it is important to know where the website visitors are searching for information on the website. Even though the navigation seems obvious to you, it can be quite strange to someone who is new to your website.
By the use of the heat map software, you can tell the exact places where the customers are clicking to look for information. You will only need to sign up and add the pages from your website that you want to track. After a period of one month, the heat map will create a map showing the different areas where your visitors clicked on.

Use Hick’s Law to Encourage Engagement

Hick’s law states that the more choices a consumer has, the more time it will take them to make a decision. When you narrow down the number of choices available for the consumer, there are high chances that you will increase the conversion rate.

To carry this out effectively, you will need to know exactly what to do when they visit your website. You can ask contact information from them by requesting them to fill a form.

Text Boxes and Buttons Should be Easy to Use on the Mobile Phone

The website should be mobile friendly. If your website is not mobile friendly, there is a high probability you are losing leads. Most people who are buying homes will use a tablet or phone to look for a building that meets all their needs.

The text boxes and the buttons should be big enough that one can easily press using their thumbs. Common buttons that need to be bigger include the ‘call now’ button, submit button, drop down search button and many other buttons.

Live Chat Buttons for People Who Need Answers

The live chat buttons will get the questions of website visitors answered instantly. If you can do it form your phone, that would be better since you can instantly respond to all the questions asked by the client.
There are a number of live chat options available in the market and you can choose any of them depending on your needs.

Paying attention when designing the websites for real estate agents is important. A great website design will help you generate leads and connect to more people. You can hire an experienced web design agency to help you with the process.

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