Habit#1: Have Patience

Real estate agents need patience. Patience in dealing with other agents, with lenders, with title companies, with inspectors, with appraisers, with banks, and yes, even with their clients. Let’s be honest, some of your client types are not the easiest people to work with. The patient real estate agent, is the one that can shrug off the inconsequential and zero in with laser focus on the crisis of the moment,is the agent that closes those transactions that can slip away from the less patient

Habit#2: Communication Skills

You don’t have to be Oprah or Martin Luther King Jr. Communication involves speaking, writing and even listening skills. You must be able to communicate effectively and not speaking in real estate terms that people outside the real estate space may not understand. Timeliness of communication is critical as well. Sometimes, even if there is no change in the transaction, reaching out to your client and letting them know that its just as important as talking to them when a big matter is at hand.

Habit#3: Understand the real estate market

Local knowledge is important for helping a home buyer find that perfect home. “Local knowledge” doesn’t just mean memorizing the number of homes listed for sale and the median sales price, it means understanding the schools, shopping, medical facilities,rules and regulations and anything else a potential buyer may need to know in order to make educated decisions on where to buy. For sellers, understanding the real estate market is critical in being able to properly prepare and  price a home for sale.

 Habit#4: Understand the Real Estate Contract and Supporting Document

An effective agent should understand the real estate contracts  and forms such as, Late Payment forms, Lease Options, Purchase Agreements, Rental Addendum , Rental Agreements  as well as other forms like Credit Dispute Forms to Property tax reports which are supplementary. You should review them before you make or consider an offer on a home. The documents are drawn up by legal types and are often worded in ways only those people can manage. A good agent should be able to explain every line of the contract to you in plain English. Needless to say, an understanding of the terms and terminology of the contracts are necessary before a satisfactory explanation can be achieved.

Habit #5: Understand the Client

Every individual is different. You need to understand what your client’s needs are. What is their motivation for buying / selling? Identifying needs versus wants is crucial in moving the sale . It will save you time in zeroing in on the right product.

Habit #6: Technological Skills

No, you don’t have to understand how to write computer programs or solder a component on a motherboard. But you need to at least have some basic knowledge of how and why people go to websites. The internet is where your clients can access you. Having your own personalized  website is a must in the real estate business or any business for that  matter. Your website should be easy to access, quick on information and helpful to you and your clients. It should  contain features such as SEO tools, List Syndication and MLS integration which are excellent tools to assist you with editing your website.

Habit #7 : Be Likeable

People pick a real estate agent because they like them. Real estate sales is not rocket science. It doesn’t take years of formal education and training to be a good real estate agent. What separates any given agent from another is a razor-thin margin. Home buyers and sellers often select agent because of their personality over how much they know of a specific area.  Remember to be yourself!

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