The rapid advancement of technology has disrupted several sectors that anchor the global economy and the real estate industry is no exception. Digital innovation has become a way for businesses to address their customers’ needs. Beacuse of this, a visually appealing and highly functional website has become a ‘must’ for all real estate agents.

Read on to find out some of the best practices that can be incorporated in building real estate agent websites.

A centrally positioned, complete IDX search

It is no secret that customers visit a real estate website to browse through the listings. A website that makes the task easier and efficient by prominently positioning this feature with a full IDX search is better remembered.

Make a lasting first impression

Too many words and automatically playing videos in the homepage make the website layout appear too cluttered. The ultimate experience of the visitor must be kept in mind while adding features to the basic layout. Make sure that the homepage does not have heavy code which may lead to longer page load times and higher bounce rates.

Apply CTAs (calls-to-action) and Contact forms

Well positioned contact forms and CTAs are the key to converting visitors to leads. These elements must be infused into the website layout effortlessly and must entice visitors to explore further into the site. CTAs like fixing appointments, offering more information and signing up for market data go well with consumers looking out for a good deal.

Make content interesting, fresh and useful

Content that is new and useful is the strongest weapon to attract more and more visitors to the website. A good website management company must be able to obtain the most relevant information about the local market and use it correctly to attract more clients to the website. Content that is SEO-friendly enhances the search engine ranking in the local market. Making the content shareable also drives social media traffic to the website.

Leverage the shift to videos

Video marketing is on the rise. Use this trend to promote the brand value of the business and embed videos that highlight the listings or the unique features of the community. Backing up the video with the right search engine optimization techniques can also enhance traffic to the real estate agent websites.

Real estate agent websites with a stunning layout and mobile-friendly features can turn into hot sales machines and thus their significance can never be underestimated.

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