Effective Realtor Websites

The real estate agents looking to create the best realtor website design want to be able to use the website as a virtual office. They use the website for providing information to the consumer and to provide resources such as financial information and PDF downloads as brochures. Today’s consumer is more comfortable with using do-it-yourself service options. A real estate agent uses the realtor website design to provide the self-service options that are commonly used by consumers looking to buy a home. This saves time for the real estate agent allowing them to spend more time selling homes and attending open houses.

The best realtor website design connects realtors with home buying consumers. No longer do websites serve as an online brochure. The websites for realtors of today are designed to serve function to help the home buying consumer make a big decision. The home buying consumer is hesitant to make a choice unless he has done research.

Today’s realtor website design needs to have financial tools that the home buying consumer needs. The buyer needs to know how much they can afford. The realtor website must have information about a pre-loan approval process. The consumer wants to know what is realistic in terms of what type of home to purchase, for budget purposes and realtor needs to provide the consumer information about monthly payments. That is what a mortgage calculator online represented on a realtor website is used for. The most important elements on a realtor’s website that help the consumer make a financial choice is the pre loan approval process and a mortgage calculator.

A realtor website of today uses multimedia technology to demonstrate the features and benefits of a home. A photo album shows scenes of a home; inside and out. Panoramic views allow the home buying consumer to pan in, zoom out, and scroll across different scenes inside and outside. A virtual tour by way of a narrated video gives an online walkthrough of the property. For example, a realtor uses drones flying overhead a property and record the look of the property including the backyard, the swimming pool, the gardens, and the end of the driveway showing the neighborhood. The more advanced realtor website has many functions to help keep contact between realtors and home buying consumers. A feature-rich drip email marketing system channels specific tailored messages to consumers based on their preferences. A client relationship manager manages all of the client information. The data between the CRM and email marketing system ensures that customers remain in touch with new properties that become available.

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