5 Effective Tips for Creating Professional Looking Realtor Websites

In the real estate business, being a Realtor isn’t an easy task. It involves a lot of planning and contemplating. In addition to that the need to be always available online for the contemporary audience. This is a new era where homebuyers are ready to crash into the property market. The websites have become the true marketplace for the new generation of home buyers and sellers. You need to capitalize on this potential clientele with a functional and effective website designed by the experts. You already have so much to manage. Hence, your online presence shouldn’t be a pain. Let it be handled by the professional makers of realtor websites using the best of their knowledge and tools. Here’s how they do it:

1. An Exceptionally Well-Built Navigation:

The bar at the top of your website shows the paths that users can select for browsing your portal. It should be planned well. A professional real estate agent website has a well-laid navigation menu with the required sections and subsections. Keep it simple for every buyer to understand. Customize the sections and merge them into one wherever possible and applicable. Also, you can use interlinking to guide the users from one page to another.

2. Clear Calls to Action:

These are the buttons at the top or bottom of a page urging users to take the desired actions. Whether you want them to contact you or sign up for your newsletter, let them know your intentions clearly with bold and stunning calls to action. Place them wisely to catch the attention of visitors immediately.

3. Integrate IDX Listings:

These listings can play a major role in promoting the realtor websites. But, it should be integrated in a manner loved by search engines. Once done properly, it can boost the traffic on your website and lead to more conversions as well.

4. Integrate Mobile-Responsiveness:

The message is clear. Most of the people are searching for their dream home on a mobile device. If you aren’t here, you’re going to lose them to your competitors. Up to 30% of online home searches are made through handheld devices. Even search engines like Google penalize websites who aren’t mobile-friendly. It is essential to invest in a responsive design that can change according to screen size.

5. Effective Backlinks:

In the thriving digital world, you need strong referral network to stay ahead of the competition. Partnerships with the leading contractors, interior designers, remodelers, etc. can go a long way in promoting your business. Add backlinks from their websites. This enhances the credibility of a real estate agent with recommendations from many influencers in the industry.

The website is your digital business card. Make it effective and professional with the tips given here. They will help you grow your business.

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