Advantages and Disadvantages of Password Protecting Your Real Estate Web Site

The World Wide Web is where we get our information from for our own purpose. Building password protected sites are what web developers are doing nowadays. Password protecting your site may work for you or against you.


Can only be accessed by the owner of the site, group or members who know the password

Assuming that you have a lot of useful information about real estate, the transaction and negotiation process, and everything there is to know about real estate. A password protected website contributes to one’s peace of mind. Passwords may protect files, folders and documents, depending on the settings.

Generating Leads

When the goal is to generate leads, you usually want to convince your visitors to fill in a contact form, try a demo, register, sign up to a newsletter or e-mail list, or refer your content to a friend.

You can still give valuable content to visitors in the free side of the site but it is important to reserve the exceptional and detailed information for those who sign up.

Having a sign up option can do a lot of good for your business because it gives you instant results, reducing your time, effort and cash.


They will leave the site without doing anything.

Clearly you want your visitors to sign up. But we all know that most likely what they will do is to leave your site. There are people who sign up to request more information. There are also clients who do not want to go through the hassle of signing up. This is the downside of password protecting your website. So eventually, you lose your potential leads.

Here at Intagent, we give our clients the option to enable or disable the password protection on their websites.

Easily collect, and manage all of your potential clients on your website. Create notes, follow-ups and reminders and maintain successful relationship with your clients. Lead Generators are setup through out your website on multiple levels. Our ultimate goal here at Intagent is to generate leads and grow your business.

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