So how fast is the internet growing?

No one can say. Many are attempting to estimate the growth of resources and internet users but you always have to keep in mind that there is uncertainty. Everything are changing too quickly. We can only guess but there are no exact numbers. However, the growth of internet is like a nuclear bomb basing on the information represented by the number of servers, pages of Internet information and internet users.

Rapid Internet growth – more online information, more data and a lot of junk too.

Many of the websites are invisible. They do not have “Spider food” for search engines to read and absorb. Their contents are invisible and that is the reason why you need to optimize your website for the search engines.

If there are millions of websites and more are added everyday, you need to ensure that the search engines can index, read and absorb your website so that your clients can find it easily. Search Engine Optimization is the way to ensure that this happens.

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